What is Zine Covers?

Zine Covers is a database of ‘zine’ covers. We are deeply inspired by zine makers and their great enthusiasm and devotion to their craft.

Our goal is to make it easy for people to find and discover zines.

Who We Are

Zine covers is a side hustle of Ara & Holga – We love zines 😀

How To Submit A Zine

We want to make it easy for you to submit your Zine Cover.

There are three basic ways:

– Send us your Zine Cover via email ( zinecovers@gmail.com )
– Send us your Zine Cover via Social Media ( Twitter-at-ZINECOVERS | Instagram-at-ZINECOVERS )
– Or upload your Zine Cover

Details You Need To Include

Image of the zine cover
Please send us a clear image. Nothing fancy; just clear. We recommend using your mobile phone to take a quick easy photo. Bonus: Google has a “photoscan app” that works really well!

Name of the maker/author of the zine
Please send the name of the ZINE MAKER.
– Online Handle (Twitter and/or Instagram)
– Name (Real Name -though its not necessary)

Details of the zine
Please send us details about your ZINE.
Details we need are:
– Title of the zine
– a brief description
– zine dimensions
– and any extra details you feel best describes your zine

Your Links
Please send us your links so people can easily connect with you
– Website URL
– Instagram
– Twitter
– Etsy